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How Does Histrionic Personality Disorder Contribute to Drug Abuse?

How Does Histrionic Personality Disorder Contribute to Drug Abuse?Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is characterized by a number of emotional and attention-seeking behaviors. This personality disorder often causes people to demonstrate an excessive desire for the approval of others, and it can also lead to a significant amount of inappropriate sexual behavior. Due to the disease driving depression and the need instant gratification, there is a strong connection between this personality disorder and drug abuse. People who struggle with these problems should seek professional help to begin recovery.

The Connection between HPD and Drug Addiction

HPD is rather complex, because it leads patients to seek out ways to become the center of attention. HPD also results in a low tolerance for frustration or situations that delay gratification. With the need for reassurance and the extreme sensitivity to criticism, people with HPD may seeking temporary comfort from drugs and alcohol to self-medicate their symptoms. Also, people with HPD are easily influenced by others, particularly if the influencers heap praise and attention onto people. This can also lead patients to bow to a group’s wishes for its approval. Lastly, histrionic personality disorder results in a significant amount of boredom and can lead patients to crave new and exciting experiences. Drugs can easily meet this need, and an addiction can very rapidly follow.

It can be quite challenging to treat both addiction and histrionic personality disorder, which is why it is suggested that those with this personality disorder and drug abuse to reach out for specialized help.

How Dual Diagnosis Rehabilitation Can Help

Those with both a drug addiction and histrionic personality disorder need to treat both problems simultaneously. Treating just one issue exposes patients to relapse, so patients need to heal from both problems to recover fully. In Dual Diagnosis treatment, people with HPD will receive extensive psychological help while they also overcome addiction. A key part of ensuring that treatment succeeds is to select a rehab facility that offers Dual Diagnosis treatment, because many rehab centers treat addiction alone, but they may lack the means to treat histrionic personality disorder. Finding the right facility that treats both issues at the same time is an integral part of overall recovery.

Help Finding Treatment for HPD and Drug Addiction

Our counselors work extensively with rehab facilities that offer Dual Diagnosis treatment. To receive treatment both for HPD and drug abuse, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now. Addiction counselors staff our helpline so they can answer the questions you have and guide you to professional treatment resources. Working closely with you and holding your conversation completely confidential, your counselor will guide you to the rehab center that will help you or your loved one begin a life free these crippling problems.