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Does It Count If I Sign up for Rehab While Under the Influence?

Does It Count If I Sign up for Rehab While Under the Influence?Addiction recovery experts often refer to a person’s moment of clarity, the point in time when an addict realizes how desperate and dangerous her situation has become. This realization can cause addicts to take any of the following steps:

  • Admitting to themselves and others that they have a problem and need help
  • Taking the first steps toward getting help
  • Submitting themselves those who understand addiction recovery

A moment of clarity can come when a user is sober or under the influence. Many people have decided to get clean while still affected by drugs or alcohol. What matters more than a user’s level of intoxication is what he does about it thereafter.

How Addiction Affects the Mind

Addiction is both physical and psychological. An addict’s body needs certain chemicals to function, and when that supply is disrupted withdrawal symptoms set in. Detox from physical addiction can take several days to over a week. However, rehab for the psychological effects can take months, years or even a lifetime. Addiction chemically rewires neural pathways in the brain to support the disease. The brain will use the following psychological tricks to keep an addict from getting clean:

  • Denial that he has a serious problem
  • Justification of her abuse
  • Blaming others
  • Procrastination
  • Feelings of futility or resignation
  • Over-confidence in one’s ability to quit without help
  • Shame and embarrassment
  • Anger, rage or other emotional outbursts

It is important to take action when you first realize you have a problem, or else your disease may talk you out of getting help.

How to Recover from Addiction

Lasting recovery from addiction almost always requires focused, professional treatment of all aspects of the disease. The most successful rehab programs do this through a combination of counseling, support group meetings and education. Although treatment times can vary, rehab usually involves lengthy treatment followed by carefully crafted aftercare that may continue for years. Rehab allows users to step out of the daily habits of drug abuse and into a safe, comfortable environment in which they can focus on getting well.

Addiction Rehabilitation Help

Moments of clarity pass rather quickly. The addicted mind will talk you out of conquering your disease if you give it the chance. If you’re ready to get and stay clean, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline any time. Our treatment counselors will answer any questions you have and will connect you with the best rehab program right away. Whether you are currently under the influence or not, call today.