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Drug Rehab Costs

Drug Rehab CostsThere’s no denying that going to a residential treatment center for drug rehab costs a pretty penny. After all, you are paying for three meals a day plus lodging, 24-hour availability of staff, salaries of doctors and nurses, medication costs, salaries of counselors and therapists, and perhaps other amenities as well, such as nutritional counseling, massage therapy or yoga instruction. Inpatient addiction rehab treatment isn’t cheap, but it’s a lot less expensive than continuing to use drugs.

Your Health Insurance May Pay Drug Rehab Costs

If you have health insurance, thank your lucky stars and look to see whether inpatient drug addiction rehab costs may be covered. In the past this was seldom the case, but as people become more enlightened about the nature of addiction and the disease model gains wide acceptance, more and more companies are offering at least limited support for treatment. Your time at a treatment center will probably be limited to 30 days, but you may also have some funds for a specific number of outpatient counseling sessions after you leave the facility.

Set Up a Payment Plan for Drug Rehab Costs

If your health insurance doesn’t cover rehab, or you don’t have health insurance, contact the business office of the facility you’re interested in. Often they are willing to set up a payment plan so you can spread out the expense and pay for your treatment on a manageable schedule. Some treatment facilities even offer treatment on a sliding scale, discounted according to your ability to pay.

If you have a credit card with a sufficient line of credit, you might be able to use a courtesy check that gives you a year to pay it off with little or even no interest. Unfortunately, many addicts have alienated friends, family and employers by the time they recognize the need for treatment, but if you haven’t, there might be someone who will be willing to help you financially.

If there just isn’t enough money available to you, look into public rather than private treatment centers. State and municipal authorities have rehab facilities in most large urban areas. You can also check hospitals, especially those run by religious denominations. They often have charitable programs to help people in need of treatment.

The bottom line is that you need to do whatever it takes to get treatment for your addiction. The choice is simple: your money or your life.