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Addiction Recovery in the Music Business

Addiction Recovery in the Music BusinessThe music business has had its fair share of addiction stories, some of which are stories of success, while others are stories filled with tragedy. As more musical talents lose their lives to substance abuse, the public is left wondering about the connection between celebrity and addiction. Many rock stars have gotten clean and sober, but many of them have recurring difficulties with this disease.

What Makes Addiction Recovery Difficult in the Music Business?

While there are many methods of addiction recovery available, many users continue to self-destruct as they continue on in a battle against recovery. The reasons for this continued negative behavior come from the difference between a celebrity and an average person, how they are treated and what is expected of them. The following issues can make a beneficial addiction recovery program ineffectual for musicians and celebrities:

  • Ego – While many musicians claim to have little to no ego, these claims are often a pretense at humility. Everyone has an ego, and, when you have your name chanted across the world, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy look at self. Ego can prevent a musician from feeling like he or she  needs any help. Musicians may feel untouchable, and this emotion fuels their drug or alcohol use.
  • Lack of coping skills – The pressures of stardom are overwhelming, and a musician can find it difficult to handle these pressures alone. Having a few drinks or smoking a joint after a concert or run-in with paparazzi seems like an easy way to calm down. As these and other substances may make musicians feel more comfortable in the spotlight, they may continually use and turn drug use into a security blanket.
  • Time and money – Musicians may feel that they can pay their way through life and that everything has a quick fix for a price. However addiction recovery cannot simply be bought, as it requires personal effort, patience and time to achieve positive results. A musician may also hesitate to take time out of busy recording and touring schedules to attend a treatment program.

Many factors play into why the music business seems to be home to many relapsing drug and alcohol users. Whether relapse or a refusal to get help is caused by an ego problem or the inability to cope with fame, musicians need specific, professional and quality help to end drug use and find a way to manage their careers and their recoveries.

Are You in the Music Business and Need Help with Addiction?

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