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Inpatient Addiction Treatment for Women

Inpatient Addiction Treatment for WomenAn addiction to drugs and/or alcohol has devastating results for everyone, but for women, the repercussions are much worse. Women with addictions die at a rate 50 to 100 percent higher than addicted men, from such causes as heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, alcohol-related accidents and suicide. Since women are generally smaller than men, it takes less of a drug or alcohol to intoxicate them. Hormonal changes during a woman’s monthly cycle can also make her get high more quickly than a man ingesting an equal amount of the intoxicant. Women also become addicted more easily.

Addiction presents more risks for a woman than for a man too. Women who drink more than one drink a day are at higher risk for breast cancer. In addition to physical risks such as brain or liver damage, female addicts are more prone to sexual or physical abuse. Women who drink while pregnant may give birth to an infant with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and those who use drugs may give birth to a baby already addicted.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment for Women Can Help

Going to an inpatient rehab treatment facility is the surest way of breaking an addiction, yet many women with a substance abuse problem don’t avail themselves of such services. Research by the Alcohol and Drug Problems Association of North America shows that only 25 percent of people who are treated for alcoholism are female, even though women make up 40 percent of all those addicted to alcohol.

One reason why women are less likely to seek out alcohol or drug addiction treatment is that the social stigma is stronger for female addicts than for males. As a result, women are less likely to have support from their friends and family when treatment becomes necessary. Women also have other barriers to seeking help, such as child care issues, lack of sufficient income and the fear of losing custody of their children.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment for Women Only

Some treatment facilities serve only one gender. Going to a women-only treatment center might be the right choice for you, especially if your addiction was partially caused by difficult relationships with the opposite sex. An all-woman atmosphere will probably feel safer to a woman who has been abused. Finally, the treatment of women addicts differs from that of men. Medications, for example, are influenced by hormones. It may be a good idea to attend a facility where the staff specializes in female addicts. Call us today for help locating such a facility.