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Why Is a Drug Rehabilitation Center’s Staff to Patient Ratio Important?

Why Is a Drug Rehabilitation Center's Staff to Patient Ratio Important?Rehab centers have to focus on many different priorities in order to ensure that their patients get the right treatment, best experience, and most successful outcomes. One important factor in a drug recovery program’ effectiveness is the staff to patient ratio, the number of staff members as compared to the number of patients in a particular program. This is because programs with a high staff to patient ratio can provide more consistent, personalized and effective care.

What are the Duties of Staff Members at a Drug Recovery Program?

Staff members at a drug treatment program have many important and specialized duties. These include the following responsibilities.

  • Monitoring: The nurses and doctors on the staff are in charge of monitoring the patient’s withdrawal symptoms, detoxification, food and drink intake, and overall health. If there is not enough staff to provide this type of care, then health complication can arise with the patients.
  • Support: Patients in a drug rehabilitation program need constant emotional and mental support. The staff needs to be supportive, non-judgmental, and kind to the patients so they feel like they are in a safe enough place to work through their most difficult emotions.
  • Interpersonal relationships: Some members of the staff, primarily therapists and counselors, must develop therapeutic relationships with each individual patient. Therefore the staff needs to be large enough to support the patient intake and provide each patient with personalized attention and care.
  • Planning the future: Members of the staff will work with the patients to develop their plans for recovery as they move on to a new life. This planning process is detailed enough that it requires personalized attention and a dedicated staff.

Most drug rehabilitation centers strive to maintain a 1 to 4 staff to patient ration, that is, one member of staff per every four patients in the facility. This allows the staff to dedicate the time, effort and personal commitment it takes to help each individual patient recover from drug or alcohol addiction. It is extremely crucial for a rehab center to make this a main priority, as the success rate of their facility depends on it.

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