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How Inpatient Rehab Can Positively Affect Emotional Health

How Inpatient Rehab Can Positively Affect Emotional HealthIf you do not sleep well, you may wake up feeling tired, disoriented and anxious about getting through the day. If you have a frustrating drive to work, you may arrive to work agitated and distracted, which can impact how productive you are that day. Maintaining a balanced and healthy emotional state is important because it contributes to you maintaining a balanced and healthy physical state, which can give you the foundation upon which you can be successful personally and professionally.

How Emotions Can Affect Addiction

Everyone experiences emotions that can detract from living a balanced life, but people often find a healthy way to deal with these emotions. However, some continue to feed that emotional distress and fluctuate between anxiety and depression or continue a downward spiral into a negative state of isolation, loneliness and hopelessness. For these people, seeking drugs and alcohol often becomes a course of action as they attempt to self-medicate. In fact, some addiction professionals believe that emotional addiction is often the first stage of physical addiction.

Emotional Addiction

Addicts do not often seek addiction recovery treatment until they have moved from the emotional stage of addiction to the physical stage of addiction. By that time, unfortunately, the addict is in a weakened emotional and physical state and may have alienated friends, family members and colleagues.
If the addict had been able to acknowledge the emotional addiction and sought help early in the process, the damage may not have spread to other aspects of his life. In fact, the loss of support from friends and family can ruin an important interpersonal connection and also contribute to the addict’s existing negative emotional state. The loss of physical health and financial stability may also lead to anxiety, depression and lethargy, which can make an addict feel hopeless.

Addiction and Inpatient Treatment

Living in an environment that enables addicts to focus exclusively on recovery and provides a safe and structured setting can provide an environment in which addicts can safely recover. In many cases, addicts are seeking help for their physical addiction, and an inpatient treatment facility can provide medically supervised detox that offers that solution. Additionally, an addict’s physical health should be repaired and nurtured. Learning about appropriate nutrition and fitness opportunities allows addicts to create a lifelong pattern to maintain their physical health.

After a patient’s physical health has been stabilized, he can engage in therapies and educational opportunities to strengthen his emotional and mental health. Learning about addiction, triggers and cravings enables addicts to anticipate and respond appropriately to these addictive influences. Engaging in personal counseling, addicts are able to return to the emotional foundation that led to their addictions and redefine a healthy emotional state.

Help for Finding Inpatient Rehab Options

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