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Inpatient Holistic Drug Rehab

In the last few decades, more and more inpatient drug rehab treatment centers have applied the principles of holistic drug rehab, either as the primary means of treatment or as an adjunct to more traditional approaches. Since drug addiction affects both the physical and mental aspects of an addict, it only makes sense that an integrated mind/body model of treatment can be highly effective.

What Is Inpatient Holistic Drug Rehab?

Inpatient Holistic Drug RehabA holistic drug rehab facility bases its treatment on Eastern methodologies of many kinds. One primary principle is mindfulness. Clients learn this through meditation, which goes back more than four centuries as a means of quieting the mind and bringing it to focus more clearly. This increased awareness, combined with the relaxation that meditation brings, can help an addict fight off cravings.

The client’s body is treated with such techniques as massage, Reiki, yoga, tai chi and Qigong, and strengthened through Kung Fu and other martial arts. The result of soothing and conditioning the body is in many ways similar to what meditation does for the mind. A person who is relaxed and fit has more energy to focus on his or her recovery.

The ancient medical art of acupuncture is often used, especially during detoxification to speed the drug’s exit from the client’s system. Nutritional counseling includes teaching the uses of Chinese medicinal herbs. Clients take such skills as yoga, meditation, herb lore and martial arts with them when they return to their usual environment, and can use them for the rest of their lives, not only to support their recovery from addiction, but simply to improve their well-being.

Is Inpatient Holistic Drug Rehab Affordable?

Holistic drug treatment facilities tend to be somewhat high end. Often they are located near the ocean or in environments of great natural beauty, and they generally have a rather large staff, each with a different specialty. However, that doesn’t mean that a holistic facility is financially unfeasible for non-celebrities.

The first thing you should do is check your insurance policy, if you have health insurance. As people have become more enlightened about the nature of addiction, more and more policies offer coverage of inpatient treatment. Then check with the facility you are considering to be sure they accept that insurance.

If you don’t have health insurance that will cover your stay, many holistic drug treatment centers will arrange for you to pay for your treatment over time. A reasonable repayment plan can make it a lot easier for you to get the help you need.