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Common Questions about Inpatient Rehab

Common Questions about Inpatient RehabMany people struggling with addiction have many questions about treatment options. The addict and those closest to them are faced with many choices about treatment styles, techniques and locations. One of the first decisions will involve whether an individual should enter an inpatient rehab program or try to get clean through an outpatient program. While details about personality, lifestyle and addiction will determine the right choice for each patient, there are a handful of common questions about residential rehab.

What Is the Difference between Residential and Outpatient Addiction Rehabilitation?

Residential or inpatient treatment refers to any treatment that involves a full-time stay in a hospital or treatment center. While many outpatient programs are available and in some cases are a good choice, the full-time care and relapse security provided by inpatient care offer the best treatment for lasting recovery. Inpatient treatment can involve a short stay or a stay of over a year, but the most common programs are around 30 days long and are followed by ongoing outpatient treatment such as counseling and support group meetings.

Is Inpatient Drug Rehab Only Available to the Wealthy and Famous?

One common misconception about inpatient rehab is that it is extremely expensive and exclusive. The media paints pictures of glamorous, high-end treatment centers that seem more like spas than hospitals and that are only open to the rich and famous. While these programs are certainly an option for those who can afford them, there are many extremely effective and affordable programs that still offer luxury services. The costs of addiction recovery treatment are often covered by insurance or other social programs, and luxury addiction care can be accessible by anyone.

How Do I Know If I Need Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

While outpatient therapy may be adequate for some cases of addiction, the benefits of inpatient treatment make it the default choice for many people seeking long-term recovery from chemical dependence. The only way to know what type of treatment is best for your unique situation is to consult an addiction expert. Recovery professionals know how to accurately diagnose your addiction and any related issues and can develop a customized treatment for your particular situation.

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