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Why Do Many People in Recovery Work in the Treatment Field?

One remarkable aspect of the drug and alcohol treatment career path is how many in the field have a history of addiction, even if their expertise prior to their recovery does not have an obvious connection to addiction recovery work. There are three primary reasons for this correlation between recovery work and previous addictions.

Overwhelming Gratitude for a Changed Life

Gratitude is the largest reason so many recovered addicts work in the treatment arena. To some degree, every addict had a life that addiction ruined, and recovery restored hope for a better future. By working in the field of addiction treatment, recovering addicts can repay a debt of gratitude to those who helped them recover by helping the next generation in need.

A Positive and Hopeful Work Environment

Often it is too emotionally distressing to return to the same type of employment after recovering from an addiction. Around every corner is another memory of a broken promise, or a painful trigger of past use. The only way to move forward, then, is to change the scenery. When faced with misery in the everyday, a career in addiction treatment is a welcome change. This career serves as a reminder that there is hope and a better future is possible.

Desire for a Meaningful Life

Those who escape the clutches of addiction often view life with a sense of urgency. There is an understanding that every day they are free from the misery of addiction is a new gift that they shouldn’t take for granted. Coming out of addiction, these individuals are armed with an intense desire to make every moment count.

Sometimes, the pre-recovery career does not match this need for meaning and purpose. Perhaps being a stockbroker or a grocery clerk or a newspaper editor did not fulfill their desire to live a meaningful life. Helping people and directly improving their lives can be a way for recovering addicts to feel like they are making the most of their lives and doing truly important and meaningful work.

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