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Should I Go to Outpatient Rehab after Inpatient Treatment?

Should I Go to Outpatient Rehab after Inpatient Treatment?Spending time in an inpatient rehab program can help you break free from the life stressors that have been contributing to your addiction. Being fully immersed in a treatment program offers huge benefits for a person who is working to get sober and stay sober. There are also several reasons to consider outpatient rehab, once you have completed your inpatient stay.

Adjusting to Life after Inpatient Addiction Rehabilitation

When an addict spends time in a drug rehab treatment facility, he or she is isolated from the outside influences that may have been contributing to addiction. An outpatient program offered after rehab can have the following transitional benefits:

  • It can be challenging for an addict to rapidly readjust to life outside of a rehab facility, and outpatient care can smooth the transition
  • Outpatient programs offer recovering addicts the ability to slowly transition back into home life while still receiving the benefit of counseling and other valuable therapies
  • Spending time in outpatient treatment programs can help recovering addicts stay sober as they continue to learn valuable coping skills
  • Spending time at home will allow addicts to ease back into family life and also allow them to discuss and work through challenges they experience during the readjustment phase
  • Some insurance plans will not cover more than a few weeks in an inpatient rehab facility, but they may cover extended outpatient rehab programs

Outpatient rehab can offer great benefits, even for those who have already gone through the inpatient rehab process. Outpatient programs allow you to gain the benefits of rehab while still spending time with your loved ones.

Get Addiction Recovery Guidance and Help

If you are looking for additional information about outpatient rehab programs, please call our toll-free addiction helpline. Our compassionate counselors will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and verify your available insurance coverage. If an inpatient rehab program is not the ideal choice for you, the counselor working with you will help devise the perfect customized treatment plan. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all response to drug rehab treatment. We believe in finding treatment options that meet your unique needs. Your health and your sobriety are our number one priority. Call us today to find out how we can guide you to long-lasting sobriety.