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Residential OxyContin Treatment

OxyContin is one of several prescription drugs in the opiate family that has a high potential for addiction. OxyContin, like Vicodin and other prescription painkillers, belongs to the same family of drugs as heroin. Once addicted, a person must undergo withdrawal symptoms similar to those of heroin addicts.

Residential OxyContin TreatmentIt’s all too easy to get addicted to OxyContin and other prescription drugs. The medication is prescribed to deal with severe or chronic pain. Because it is a legitimate drug, legally prescribed, people don’t feel the same sense of caution that they would when using street drugs. It seems harmless to take a slightly higher dose when pain is particularly troublesome, but this can lead to the need for the drug even when the pain is gone. Even when the patient or his or her family begins to feel uncomfortable about the level of usage and the perceived need for the drug, it still doesn’t quite register as an addiction. Make no mistake: it is as dangerous to get addicted to prescription drugs as it is to use street drugs, despite their legality.

Get Help at a Residential OxyContin Treatment Center

If you have tried to stop taking OxyContin and failed, an inpatient drug rehab facility may be your best option. When treated as an inpatient, you will be able to undergo detoxification under medical supervision, which can help tremendously to decrease the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. Once you have cleared the drug from your system, you will generally undergo counseling to help you learn tools to deal with the underlying causes of your addiction. If you are still experiencing chronic pain, for instance, you will be taught pain management techniques that can help you avoid medicating yourself.

Once you have completed your inpatient rehab treatment program, you’ll have several choices for aftercare. You can go to a sober living facility, where you will be under supervision and will have the opportunity to continue to work with counselors until you feel confident that you can go it alone. Alternatively, you might return to your normal living situation while getting assistance from Narcotics Anonymous or another support group.

Choosing a Residential OxyContin Treatment Facility

Inpatient drug rehab help comes in a variety of guises. The most common model is based on the 12-step protocol, which has shown itself to be highly effective for decades. That approach is not for everyone, however, so there are alternatives. The number of facilities using the holistic methodology has expanded rapidly in recent years. Here, traditional counseling is combined with nutritional counseling, physical exercise, meditation and other mind/body techniques to support recovery. You can also choose a facility based on the population it serves. You might find it easier, for instance, to be in a center where all the clients are of your own gender, cultural group or sexual orientation. Whatever your needs, you can find a residential OxyContin treatment facility that will serve you. Call us today; we can help.