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How Many Days Should I Stay in Rehab?

How Many Days Should I Stay in Rehab?Entering into a rehab program is a great step in the right direction. Getting addiction help for your drug or alcohol use can help you rebuild the life that addiction has stolen from you, but one of the many concerns that addicts and their family members have is related to how long rehab will take.

How Long Does Addiction Rehabilitation Last?

The answer to the question of how long rehab lasts is a complex one. There is no one answer that can be provided for a variety of important reasons. These reasons and factors that influence time spent in rehab include the following:

  • Your emotional and mental state upon entering rehab. This could mean you need to spend an extra week or two more to balance emotions, increase motivation for sobriety and become prepared for a life of sobriety.
  • Your rehab needs. While many addiction and rehab specialists recommend a 90 day stay, you may be ready for transitioning into your regular life after 60 days, or you may need120 days.
  • Your insurance coverage. While no one likes to think of their mental, emotional and physical health being dependent on the whims of an insurance company, the reality is that rehab programs can be expensive, and insurance may only cover a certain amount of time.
  • Your schedule. If you are in school, have a job or have family responsibilities, your length of stay may be limited by your personal and professional schedule.

The best way to determine how long you should stay in rehab is to call a recovery helpline or talk to a rehab facility and get an addiction assessment.

Do I Need Addiction Rehabilitation?

You may be concerned about the amount of time you will spend receiving addiction help. You may even wonder if you actually need rehab. The answers to all of these concerns can come from recovery helplines and a discussion with a caring counselor. When you identify a need addiction help, you are in a much better position to embrace sobriety and find a rehab program that can work you through the detox and recovery steps. Beating an addiction can be a very difficult process, especially when you attempt to go through it alone. You won’t be alone at a rehab facility. You will get the addiction help that you need while surrounded by professionals who truly wish to help you recover from your addiction.

How to Find Addiction Rehabilitation

Call our toll-free rehab helpline and discuss your unique life and lifestyle situation with our counselors. We are committed to helping you receive the recovery help that you need, and we are here 24 hours a day to do so. Learn about rehab, how long it will take and how it will work for you. Call now.